Brewing Process


select Barley is soaked, mixed and stired in water before being heated. Consistently, the temperature is raised so that the starch enzymes in the barley turn into sugar before being filtered. The filtered results called Wort (malt sugar) is then reheated while hops is added. After brewing, the wort is left to cool and then we enter the fermentation phase.


is added to the Wort after it has cooled down to 8° celcius. Now is where the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This fermentation process takes around 7-21 days depending on the type of beer.

Maturing Process

It is then cooled down again to the freezing point. This maturing process is to produce the flavor and clarity of the beer and so it stays fresh longer. After the maturing process, the beer is filtered to produce clear beer.

Filling Process

The clarified beer is than filled into bottles, cans or barrels. This filling process uses automatic machines to ensure that the beer stays in a hygenic condition.