Fun Facts


The ancient Babylonians were very serious about beer making. Anybody who made beer with bad quality will be punished by drowning them in the bad beer they made.


Workers who built the Pyramids in Egypt werw paid with 4 liters of beer every day. They were paid with a kind of beer called Kash. This is how the word 'Cash' originated.


4000 years ago in Babylonia, A month after a wedding, the father of the bride will give his son-in-law as much ‘mead’ as he can give. Mead is honey beer. And because their calendar is calculated based on the moon then the period is called the “honeymonth” or as we now call them, “honeymoon”.


Beer Brewing was considered a sacred process and in the old days only women because they are considered descendants of the beer goddess) can be professional brewers.
Ninkasi : dewi bir Sumeria
Tenenit : dewi bir Mesir


In the middle ages beer was used as a substitute for water due to the alcoholic content in beer, which made it resistant to bacterial contaminations and made it safe for consumption.


People prefered alcohol because up until the 19th century, water is usually not clean an it became a cause of infection.


Due to the nutritional contents in beer, it became one of the staple food for the poor and it is also consumed for special occasions. All of these made beer the most popular drink of The Middle Ages.


Between the years 1300 - 1700, American and European universities had in-house breweries that served beer for its students. Harvard University established a brewhouse in 1674 and had 5 beer auditoriums to enjoy them.


America had their first beer factory in 1642 in Hoboken, New Jersey


The first October fest was held in Munich in 1810 and it became an annual event to this day.


People who like to collect beer bottles are called Labeorphilist. People who like to collect beer coasters are called Tegestologist. You are a Cerevisaphile if you love beer.


36 billion yeast are needed to ferment 1 galon of beer.


Cenocillicaphobia is the fear of empty beer glasses.


Light can decrease the quality of beer. In order to protect them, beer is usually stored in green or brown bottles.


High humidity can make beer become warm faster than normal. Store beer correctly to minimize contamination from the bottle cap.


Beer was sold in bottles for the first time in 1850. And in 1935 was the first time beer was produced in cans.


The base of a beer bottle always has grooves to make it easier for the bottles to move while being filled at the factory.


Scientists study the foam in beer bottles to help them understand volcanic eruptions The foam and carbon dioxide in beer is similar to magma in the belly of volcanoes. Shocks that are caused by earth quakes or eruptions can be compared to the pressure in the bottles when beer is being poured.


The Amsterdam regional government pays beer alcoholic to clean the streets with a payment of 5 bottles of beer a day, 10 Euros and cigarettes.


While the national drink in Belgium is beer.


At every bar in the Czech Republic, the bartender will keep filling you empty beer glass unless you indicate that you are finished by covering the glass with the coaster.


That is probably why, the Czech Republic is the world's biggest consumers of beer, followed by German, Austria and Ireland.


In the Czech Republic, beer is cheaper than Coke.


In Germany there are in the form of popsicles The alcohol content is lower than beer in the form of beverages.


While in Japan, beer is sold in beverage vending machines on the streets or train stations.


Barack Obama is the first US president who made his own beer at the White House and it is named the White House Honey Ale. He paid with his own money for equipment and beer raw materials which is then made by the White House chefs.


Other than Obama, the First American President George Washington also had a brewhouse at the base of Mount Vernon.


Andre the Giant can drink 156 glasses of beer (around 73 liters) in 6 hours. This record is written in the Guiness Book of Record.