• The Mark of Success

    85 Years and beyond

    PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk continues to demonstrate
    strength, capability, and steadfast commitments to produce
    the best quality beer and softdrinks to our consumers.

Company Profile

The Company’s long history began in Medan in 1929 with the establishment of NV Nederlandsch-Indische Bierbrouwerijen. The first brewery was located in Surabaya and officially began commercial operations on 21 November 1931. In 1936, the Company relocated its domicile from Medan to Surabaya, Heineken became the major shareholder of the Company and the Company’s name was changed to N.V. Heineken's Nederlandsch-Indische Bierbrouweerijen Maatschappij. In 1951, the the name of the Company changed again, to Heineken's Indonesische Bierbrouwerijen Maatschappij NV.

To accommodate the Company’s growth, a second brewery was built in Tangerang in 1972, and in the same year, the Company underwent another change of name, becoming P.T. Perusahaan Bir Indonesia. The second brewery began operating a year later, in 1973. On 1 January 1981, the Company took over P.T. Brasseries de l'Indonesia, which produced beer and soft drinks in Medan. To reflect the growth of the business and the acquisition, the Company's name was changed to PT Multi Bintang Indonesia on 2 September 1981, and Jakarta became its new domicile. The Company also listed its shares for the first time on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

In 1997, the brewing operation in Surabaya was relocated to Sampang Agung, East Java, where a new brewery was built. In 2010, Asia Pacific Breweries Limited (APB) of Singapore acquired Heineken International BV (HIBV)’s majority stake in the Company. However, in September 2013, HIBV regained its status as the majority shareholder of the Company, when it acquired a majority stake in the Company.

In 2014, Multi Bintang passed another milestone by building a new state-of-the-art plant for non-alcoholic beverages in Sampang Agung. With an investment of around Rp210 billion, the new plant was built in only 9 months and officially began operation in August 2014.

With its long history in Indonesia, Multi Bintang is synonymous with Bintang beer, Indonesia’s favorite and most iconic beer brand. Multi Bintang also produces and markets the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand, Heineken®; a 0,0% category, an alcohol-free beverage, Bintang Zero; and the latest innovation, Bintang Radler, a doubly refreshing fusion of iconic Bir Bintang with natural lemon juice, which is now also available in another variant, Bintang Radler with natural orange juice; a fine soda, Fayrouz; a carbonated soft drink, Green Sands; and number one cider brand in the world, Strongbow.

Today, with the support of the Company’s breweries in Sampang Agung and Tangerang, Multi Bintang has firmly established, through its subsidiary, PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Niaga, an extensive sales and marketing footprint across all major cities in Indonesia and abroad. The subsidiary operates as a beverage main distributor and commenced commercial operations on January 2005. The Company’s ownership shares in PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Niaga is 99.9%.