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The primary responsibility of the Corporate Secretary is to ensure effective communication among the units within the Company, and between the Company and the Financial Services Authority, the Capital Market and other authorities, the shareholders, market analysts and other stakeholders.

Corporate Secretary also ensures the Company’s compliance with all existing regulations, including capital market regulations. The Corporate Secretary is responsible for all documents and the administration of information relating to the Company's compliance with laws and capital market regulations, to support the accountability of the Company’s performance and responsibility to the stakeholders.

As part of our commitment to communicate our business strategy and activities as clearly as possible to the stakeholders, it is also the responsibility of Corporate Secretary to establish active communication with investors through planned investor relations activities. As a public company, it is critical that we provide access to information for the public. In fulfilling this requirement, Corporate Secretary assists the Company to make available to the public accurate and time information about the Company’s performance, including quarterly reports, annual reports and other reports/information about the Company.

The Corporate Secretary is appointed and dismissed by the Board of Directors’ Resolution and  responsible to the Board of Directors. Since September 2013, the position of Corporate Secretary has been held by Maarten Hoedemaker, who is also the Director of Finance.