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Internal Audit

PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk has a well-established Internal Audit Department (IAD) which provides and performs independent, objective assurance and other value-added services to improve the effectiveness, discipline and integrity of the Company’s operations, and in so doing assists the Company in the achievement of its objectives. The primary objectives of Internal Audit Department include:

  • Identifying and evaluating significant exposures to risk and contributing to the improvement of the risk management and control system,
  • Assisting the Company in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of its internal controls and by promoting continuous improvement to achieve the following conditions:
    - Financial and operational information is accurate and accountable,
    - Operations are performed efficiently and effectively,
    - Assets are safeguarded, and
    - The actions and decisions of the Company are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 

The IAD is responsible for preparing an annual audit plan in consultation with the President Director and the Audit Committee, and is required to communicate periodically with the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee on its execution. Upon the conclusion of each audit, the IAD produces a formal report on the audit findings, risks, agreed recommendations, and overall conclusion to the business process owners. The IAD presents a summary of the audits to the President Director and the Audit Committee every quarter.

The IAD is responsible for following up on the audit recommendations to ensure that management actions have been effectively implemented or that business process owner has accepted the risk of not taking action. Full responsibility for compliance remains with the management. The IAD also coordinates with the external auditor on its audit of the Company’s financial statements. The IAD reports administratively to the Finance Director and functionally to the President Director, Audit Committee and Heineken Global Process & Control Improvement. In carrying out their duties and responsibilities, members of the IAD reauthorized to have full, free and unrestricted access to all Company functions, records, property and personnel

Internal Audit Charter