• Multi Bintang

    recognizes sustainability as an integral
    part of our strategy

    alongside our other commercial and business operations.
    We are committed to contribute to a sustainable future
    through our sustainability strategy called
    “Brewing a Better World”.


Why is this important

CO2 emissions directly contribute to climate change, causing temperatures and sea levels to rise. This in turn has an impact on the availability and cost of raw materials and other resources. We believe it is our responsibility to play an active role in reducing CO2 emissions across our value chain from barley to bar. We have set ambitious targets for doing so within the brewing, cooling and distribution parts of our business. We also actively working together with suppliers to reduce emissions in the design and production of our packaging and with markets to focus in recycling and reusing after use. 


Our 2020 commitments

  • Reduce CO2 emissions in production by 40%
  • Reduce the CO2 emissions of our fridges by 50%