• Multi Bintang

    recognizes sustainability as an integral
    part of our strategy

    alongside our other commercial and business operations.
    We are committed to contribute to a sustainable future
    through our sustainability strategy called
    “Brewing a Better World”.

Growing with Communities

Why Is This Important

Respecting people and planet is one of values in Multi Bintang. Refer to the Brewing a Better World pillar, growing with communities is the basis of our community program. This pillar reflect how our business brings us in close contact and create values to our stakeholders and community surrounding. It’s important for us to contribute back to the communities through philanthropic and strategic in nature. Our corporate giving is aimed in creating long term shared values through community partnership, employee volunteerism and financial giving.

Our community investment are aligned to our Global’s Community Investment (CI) policy and define CI as financial and in-kind contribution as well as contribution of time, skills and knowledge.


Our 2020 Commitments

Continuous improvements and impactful contributions and projects.