• Multi Bintang

    recognizes sustainability as an integral
    part of our strategy

    alongside our other commercial and business operations.
    We are committed to contribute to a sustainable future
    through our sustainability strategy called
    “Brewing a Better World”.

Promoting Health & Safety

Why is this important

Keeping our employees healthy and safe remains our top priority, that’s why Put safety first is one of behavior in Multi Bintang. It is important for us to establish and maintain a health and safe working environment for stakeholders, as it will be benefit to employee’s physical and mental health at workplace and also broader community. Our ultimate goal is simple: zero fatalities. Nothing is more important that ensuring that our employees and the people we work with are safe when they perform their duties.

We are committed to embedding a safety culture throughout the organisation, in the commercial and support functions as well as the plants, and beyond the workplace as well with our business partners. Our approach is based on the safety triangle a theory that maintains, among other things, that if all employees take responsibility for noticing, reporting, logging and addressing all work-related hazards, even seemingly minor ones, it will drive down the rate of major incidents. The safety triangle is presented at all meetings, from the Board of Commissioners’ meetings to team meetings at the plant level, and every member of the organization is supported to report all incidents, including near misses, and to be proactive on addressing potential hazards.


Our 2020 Commitments

  • Provide a healthy and safe environment for the employee, contractors and visitors.
  • Eliminate, minimize or control any hazards in the workplace.
  • Prevent occupational illness and injury.