• Multi Bintang

    recognizes sustainability as an integral
    part of our strategy

    alongside our other commercial and business operations.
    We are committed to contribute to a sustainable future
    through our sustainability strategy called
    “Brewing a Better World”.


Why is this important

As global demand for food continues to grow, responsible agriculture and sustainable sourcing for more productive manufacturing have never been more important. Sourcing high quality raw materials, assembly, cost and leverage for sourcing are aspects we consider from procurement. Our procurement systems is connected to the global HEINEKEN procurement system which gives us more leverage on purchasing terms while ensuring availability and quality.

Local Sourcing

We recognized that local sourcing is not always practical in Indonesia due to availability, but we still can make a difference with focus on prioritizing the sustainability of our operations. Our raw materials come from certified HEINEKEN Partners that have met stringent global and local quality requirement.

Compliance with our Procedure
Supplier Code

Involvement of our suppliers is instrumental in meeting our sustainability commitments. We used HEINEKEN’s Supplier Code as a guide for our suppliers to fulfill responsible sourcing practices throughout our value chain. This is a four-step procedure that outlines a commitment of our suppliers to key elements in Integrity, Code of Business Conduct, Human Rights and the Environment. We expect our suppliers to respect and abide by these guidelines. The Code applies to all our suppliers of product-related and non-product related products and services.


Our 2020 commitments

Ongoing compliance with our Supplier Code Procedure