• Multi Bintang

    recognizes sustainability as an integral
    part of our strategy

    alongside our other commercial and business operations.
    We are committed to contribute to a sustainable future
    through our sustainability strategy called
    “Brewing a Better World”.


Why is this important

Water is a scarce and shared resource that is vital to well-being of the communities and ecosystems in which we operate. We use water in our finished product, beer is 90-95% water, and throughout our supply chain, including in the maintenance and growth of crops. We understand the critical importance of sustainable use and protection of water to safeguard this resource. We recognize that we have the responsibility to promote responsible water use and encourage our stakeholders to do the same.

We describe our approach for addressing water-related issues in our Water Stewardship Program. For all our water-related investments, we consider how they benefit the wider community, not just our breweries in a long term. Both our breweries, Tangerang and Sampang Agung are considered to be in water-scarce and distressed areas.

Through our Water Stewardship Program we focus on two main objectives:

  • Water Efficiency is targeted to reduce the amount of water used for production and in the rest of our supply chain
  • Water Source Protection & Balancing is our effort to ensure water used in our operational is returned to the ecosystem after becoming end product and evaporates during production process.

To protecting water resources, we carry out a number of initiatives to sustain and support our cause:

  • Water Stewardship Program
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Brewery’s By Product: Spent Grain
  • Biopori


Our 2020 commitments

  • Reduce specific water consumption by 25% and achieve 3.3 hl/hl on average in our 2 breweries.
  • Protect our water resources in our 2 breweries located in water scarce and water distressed areas.
  • Aim for significant water balancing in these areas.